What an amazing day

The day started with bright sunshine and clear blue skies.  Rachel Ward-Lilley, one of our volunteers was interviewed by Allan Beswick on BBC Radio Manchester. 

The doors opened at nine and everyone started to arrive. The acivities were open for business from 9.00am and the morning workshops were well attended.  Before we knew it, lunchtime had arrived. Shobna Gulati, of Coronation St and Dinner Ladies fame, dropped in to see how the day was going and met some of the volunteers and participants. 

After lunch we all took 4 minutes to write our chapter of a book!!!!  We had very inspiring words from both Marylyn Comrie OBE and Dawn Gibbins MBE then we all headed to our selected discussion groups.

Jane Kenyon, of Well Heeled Divas was interviewed on ChannelM about IWD.  

The day came to its concludsion with a fabulous performance from Rowetta, our prize draw and the icing on the cake - our ManchesterIWD dance!!!  Great fun with lots of energy and laughs - coming to YouTube very soon.  




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