Other Activities

Other activities running throughout the day to enjoy, have fun and support charity are-

  • Oasis – pamper area Shiatsu, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Health & Nutrition plus more
  • Quilt project – bring along your piece of cloth and help create a fabulous quilt of women’s lives
  • Book Exchange – bring loved books along and exchange with Oxfam
  • Handbags – wondering what to do with your unloved handbags bring them along to the Birdhouse Fund and help local women who are struggling to achieve their full potential.
  • Bras – lots of women are wearing the wrong size bra, bring along some of yours for recycling/donation to Oxfam; get measured and know your proper size. Hear the story of the bra and see our version of Pankhurst exhibition with items from the official Pankhurst museum.
  • Bike Right – have a go, overcome your barriers to cycling, find safe routes to cycle and lots more
  • Meditation - guided session with the Monastery's Alison Levesley, The Soul Coach 
  • Little Sister Diary Room – you’ve heard of Big Brother, come along to our Little Sister Diary room and tell us what you think of the day.

We recommend participants choose one workshop, one discussion group, one Speakeasy session and try all the activities. Have a great day.