Claire-Marie BoggianoThe Manchester Celebration is the concept of Claire-Marie Boggiano - a great example of a woman in action. Resident in Manchester and born in Northern Ireland, she is a chartered engineer by trade and an experienced business professional. Her company, Lurig Ltd, specialises in successfully managing & delivering units of organisational change through tried & tested pragmatic project based processes. In addition to working with blue chip organisations and small to medium sized enterprises directing change management programmes, Claire-Marie also coaches & supports individuals (mostly women) who are making personal transitions from traditional presentee-ism 9-5 based jobs to more innovative knowledge based flexible working models.

In 2000 Claire-Marie established an informal women's network based in Manchester, known as Bossy Girls. This has successfully grown and operated over the last 10 years. It connects and collaborates with a wide variety of other women's networks in Manchester and across the North West. Each year the network normally marks the occasion of International Women's Day. 

Following her presence at the Women's International Network (WIN) Conference in Prague where over 500 professional business women met for four days to work, play, laugh, cry, learn & celebrate together she returned truly inspired. Her idea of holding a not-for-profit Celebration of International Women’s Day at The Monastery on Monday 8 March 2010 was formed.