Morning Workshops

  • Technology Zone – A place to find out more about and tackle your technology challenges, learn more about LinkedIn, mobile working, Skype, Twitter etc.  Supported by MBS Technology Club, Google University and Brother UK. 
  • Speakeasy with Andrew Thorp & Eilidh Milnes – An ongoing open forum for individuals to share & listen to chunks of 4min speaking sessions from a variety of partcipants on a pic 'n' mix of topics. 
  • Positive Thinking by Paolo Feroleto of pf Designs- Find out how mind mapping can help you think positively in both your personal and business life in this interactive session.
  • Networking Know How by Melanie Bryan of WhyNotChange– Ever wondered how other people get so much out of networking, find out how you can make it work for you.
  • Story Telling - Reflections & Emergent Purpose by Lisa Rossetti of Storytelling Within– Learn to tell your business or personal story in a fun and interactive session with professional story tellers
  • Faking It (Confidence) by Merryn Myatt & Sara Perris of Perris-Myatt– Build your self confidence and stretch the mind in this interactive & fun workshop
  • Avoid the Journalist Spike by Sandy Lindsay of TangerinePR - Learn techniques to overcome the fear and confusion of dealing with journalists
  • Making Social Media = Sales by Steve Downs of Juice Digital - Find out how social media has revoluntionised marketing.
  • Increase your Energy and Reduce your Stress the Natural Way with Julie Silver of Optimum Health - Find out why what you eat and your attitude to food can affect your health and wellbeing.